Auto insurance rates and car types

Some car owners tend to get surprised when they learn about different insurance rates for different car types. From their point of view, it doesn't matter whether it's a small car or a hot rod as long as they have a good driving record and don't get in trouble in traffic. Even so, for auto insurance providers, it's a whole distinct perspective and they will charge you with different premiums depending on the type of car you're trying to insure. In this perspective, you should bear in mind the following characteristics of each car type and make your decisions correctly if you want your auto insurance budget to be limited:

Small cars

Small cars are generally quite cheap and rather comfortable in the conditions of a big city with heavy traffic. They typically have low engine volumes, top speed, get stolen quite rarely and are inexpensive to handle at repair. Nevertheless, auto insurance can sometimes be a bit costly for small cars because they tend to get damaged very bad during accidents. The laws of physics aren't on small cars' side during collisions because the smaller object tends to get the most damage regardless of the safety features the manufacturer has included. Due to this costly claims tend to arise more often with such vehicles, and the insurers respond with respective pricing.

Medium sized cars and family vehicles

Medium class cars are typically regarded as the safest and the cheapest to insure. Of course, it depends on the particular make and model, but the general rule is that these cars are quite safe, have low repair costs and theft rates, and tend to get damaged much less than smaller vehicles during an accident. As a result, you will usually get the best auto insurance rates for this car type.


SUVs are certainly very comfortable and give you a whole different perspective in traffic. However, it's the size that we all love that can be a problem with these vehicles. Due to their size and increased mass as compared to other vehicle types SUVs tend to produce more damage during accidents, especially involving other cars. The third party liability in case of an SUV is likely to be higher because the other car tends to get damaged quite bad and there are likely to be injuries as well. Added to the higher repair costs for such vehicles SUVs are usually more expensive to insure.

Sports cars

Sports cars often seem as an advantageous option for car buyers since they are both cool and cheap. However, when it comes to insuring a typical sports car, you will actually have a hard time finding cheap auto insurance because insurers tend to classify such cars as high risk. Increased top speed, engine volume, elevated theft and accident rates as well as the likelihood to produce a very serious car crash all contribute to expensive auto insurance rates for sports vehicles.

Luxury vehicles

It's logic that expensive luxury cars will cost more to insure than other car types. Nevertheless, it's not because they are costlier to purchase – insurers have other reasons to charge higher rates for such vehicles. First of all, they are usually very costly to repair, often requiring exclusive and overpriced repair parts that are hard to find in an ordinary repair shop. Moreover, such vehicles are often targeted by car thieves and burglars due to their value and exclusivity. So don't expect to get cheap auto insurance for any luxury car.

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